The story of UK BMX in the 80’s as told by the people who lived and loved it.

In the 70’s kids rode Choppers, Chippers, Grifters and Racers. The 80’s heralded a new era. BMX was now the must have bicycle for children and teenagers. Nobody escaped the rapidly expanding phenomenon that started for many with the Hollywood glamour of Spielberg’s movie E.T.

BMX exploded onto the streets and a whole range of new tricks, fashions and sounds invaded homes and schools alike.

As ubiquitous as the Rubik’s Cube in 80’s culture, BMX managed to unite people of all ages, genders and races regardless of social status or ability.

We Were RAD is a three-year project that has amassed an archive of over 10,000 images and hundreds of stories from the kids on the street to those of World Champions.

The first chapter of this exciting project will be a limited-edition hardback book that tells the untold story of British BMX.

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