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Book Celebration Jam – ROM Skatepark – 23.04.2022

We and stoked and proud to announce our book celebration jam at ROM skatepark 23/4/2022.
We have a fanfare of special BMX guests from the 80’s joining us as well as a full compliment of UK skyway team riders who will be judging our BMX Beat competition. In addition there will be a bunny hop comp, show and shine, hot food, music as well as We Were Rad merch and books for sale.

Matt Harris will be filming the event and doing interviews throughout the day.
Entry is just £5 and all entry proceeds go to ROM skatepark

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Charlotte Worthington Meet and Greet – 24.08.2021

We Were Rad had an incredible time meeting Olympic Freestyle Gold Medal Hero Charlotte Worthington.
We were absolutely stoked to share a stage with a BMX Legend. We cannot thank our good friend Alan Woods enough for the great honour and privilege of being the official guests at this very special event. We once again got to show our presentation to all those who attended and did a brief Q and A with the audience. Alans BMX holds a very special place in our hearts and features heavily in the book. In many ways truly a spiritual home of BMX in the U.K.
It was truly amazing to meet Charlotte and to get to sit on the actual bike she rode in the Olympic Games Freestyle Final.

U.K. Laces Out Camp and Furnace Baltic Triangle Liverpool – 07-08-2021

U.K. Laces Out Camp and Furnace Baltic Triangle Liverpool. We Were Rad had an amazing day meeting old friends and making many, many new ones at the U.K.’s Premier Sneaker festival.

Midlands BMX Massive & Peaky Riders Summer Jam 2021 – 16 – 18.07.2021

Midlands BMX Massive Summer Jam. We had a truly amazing time in the summer sunshine thanks to our amazing friends from Midlands and the Peaky Riders. We were able to show our presentation several times over the weekend to large number of people. We got great support from the Northern Monkeys Group who made the trip down south for the show. The show also featured DJs, Graffiti Artists and many VW collectors. It was fantastic to chat to many new people and finally be able to tell some people that they would be featured in the book.

S.C.O.S South Coast Old School BMX Show – 25 – 27.06.2021

S.C.O.S South Coast Old School BMX Show Invited by our old friend Lee Durack we were very proud to have the World Premier of our We Were Rad Live Presentation. This followed by a fantastic Q and A with the amazing Derek Spicer who hit us with prepared questions before throwing it open to the audience. We were also honoured to be asked to be guest judges of the Show and Shine competition, alongside our good friend and legend Charlie Reynolds.